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Sri Lanka is the beautiful and exotic country that is situated underneath colossal India, and, quite frankly, is too often overlooked. However, more and more explorers are thankfully beginning to realize the potential of this stunning place, and are recognizing that Sri Lanka is the perfect spot for history and nature lovers. For those who want to spend the majority of their time seeing the sights and visiting the best places whilst staying in Sri Lanka, but still wish to remain within a sensible budget, residing in a 3-star hotel is probably the best option.

Most 3-star hotels, whilst not as generous as 4 star and 5 star, still provide the necessary amenities and a pleasant ambience for those who stay there. These amenities tend to include: hot and cold water, air conditioning, balconies with a view, an in-room telephone, and in some places, WiFi access, a swimming pool and/or spa and room service. The majority of hotels in the 3 star category also have helpful and friendly staff at reception and a great quality bar and restaurant with fully trained and talented chefs.

The fantastic aspect of 3 star hotels in Sri Lanka is that they are not only surrounded by natural beauty, but also tend to be situated in fairly central locations. Many are in the centre of or close to popular cities like Kandy, Colombo, Kandamala or Galle. Each of these are full to the brim of interesting tourist attractions that are bound to make your trip memorable.

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